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Hawari Taza Co. is a comprehensive, integrated fuels distributor with a commitment to personalized service.

About Us

Hawari Taza Co. General Trading and Investment Ltd. is a fuels distributor with more than 10 years of experience. Hawari Taza Co. is established in 2008 and evolved from a single gas station to a tightly knit group of companies focused on the marketing, storage and transportation of energy. We are proud to announce that our company is now capable of supplying and transporting three types of fuel (petrol, diesel and oil) to all official governmental offices, non-governmental offices, organizations, and gas stations. Our company became a leading enterprise in the Kurdsitan Region and provided a massive service to the region in general and Sulaimaniyah City specifically in the short period of its time since its establishment.
Hawari Taza Co. has a substantial field in both size and worth for storing its best quality products. The size of the field is more than 25000 m2, and is located at the industrial area 2, Tanjaro main road – Sulaymaniyah – Kurdsitan – Iraq. Our field includes the main office of the company, the means of fuel transportation, and our laboratory. Our company relies on new transportation road tankers to transport all the three types of fuel to its customers in the fastest and safest way possible. Hawari Taza Co. also has a gas station based in Sulaymaniyah city to deliver the best quality petrol and diesel directly to our customers.


Hawari Taza Co. is dedicated to being the corporation of our customers choice for providing one time solution and adding value. We are also the company of choice for our employees and workers by encouraging personal growth, integrity and community responsibility. Our mission is to transport the best fuel quality to all official governmental offices, non-governmental offices, organizations, and gas stations in all parts of Kurdistan Region.


Our vision is to develop our company and make it more superior in the business of energy. We constantly work on covering a larger area and reaching more cities in the Kurdistan Region. Our concern is to be part of the rapid development of the Kurdistan region and play a significant role in this process by focusing on the non-renewable energy of the region which is the main wealth of the country. Our success in Sulaymaniyah City has paved the way for us to extend our fuel service area to the neighboring cities and states which is our main vision.